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Welcome to the APS Solutions for Business
     Energy Information Services (EIS)

Note: Energy Information Service 2.0 is now available. You will require new login credentials to access the new service. If you already have login credentials please go to https://lp.automatedenergy.com/aps/login. Otherwise for assistance with login to the new service, please contact Jeff Godwin at:

You can't manage what you don't measure.
EIS is a powerful energy-management tool for the medium-to-large customer.

A simple meter upgrade and our new EIS creates a detailed, easy to read load profile of your actual energy consumption (in 15 minute intervals) that you can then compare against a backdrop of relevant variables.

How to manage your costs.
The operative variable in managing energy costs isn't just how much energy you use. It's when you use it.

EIS lets you evaluate critcal variables modeled against other influences like time-of-day, season, weather conditions and rate schedules.

You can also test various consumption models not only as a collective enterprise, but also by individual areas of your facility. EIS gives you relevant and reliable data to make informed process decisions that can save you money.

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Any problems logging in:
Call (866) 421-1234 option 2
E-mail: support@automatedenergy.com
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For computer nuts...and for the rest of us.
EIS gives you a quick-read summary of all the information you need to manage your energy budget, eliminate suprises and forecast future demand. Friendly and intuitive software navigation makes it simple to:

  • get a detailed load profile of your consumption pattern,
  • test your own models for best-case consumption patterns,
  • model any rate under any available tariff,
  • identify waste and ways to reduce or eliminate it, and
  • confirm your operational change decisions and estimate your savings.

Added bonus!
The APS Solutions for Business EIS program is offering an incentive of 75% of the cost of the installation of a new meter and setup fees, up to a maximum of $12000 per customer per year.

Get started now!

To schedule an appointment with our support professionals or for more information, contact us at:

Automated Energy is implementing this program on behalf of APS

The Solutions for Business program is funded by APS customers and is approved by the Arizona Corporation Commission.

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